PatSendejas_HeadShot-FadedAround Head-1Patt Sendejas, author of Feng Shui for Career Women: the Ultimate Guide to Advancing Your Career & Increasing Your Wealth is America’s Leading Authority on Personality Feng Shui™ and is the founder of the Success Coaching Program for Career Women. Patt is a sought after public speaker whose programs and numerous books have helped thousands of clients achieve their true potential, purpose and success in life.

Patt’s 30 years of experience owning and operating her own interior design/architectural firm transitioned into a booming consulting business allowing Patt to introduce her clients to an ancient Chinese “nature science” philosophy that identifies personality traits and the energies within buildings. Improving your relationships and your environment helps you achieve greater success in your business and personal relationships. Patt helps her clients employ solutions to increase health, wealth and harmony in their living and work spaces.

Patt’s teaches Feng Shui philosophies that help you gain insights into your personality and that of your colleagues, and potential business associates. Using these insights helps you achieve greater success in business and personal relationships empowering you to move forward with confidence and clarity.
Patt teaches success principles based on having a supportive environment, strong relationships, a positive attitude, good communication skills, and spiritual awareness in order to access a deep wisdom through your own inner guidance.

Patt Sendejas, CCIDC, maintains qualifications by the California Council for Interior Design Certification, is a graduate of UCLA’s Environment and Interior Design Program in addition to having a bachelor of art in design. Her books: Feng Shui for Career Women and Letting Go to Create a Magical Life are available in bookstores, and at:, and

Patt has addressed worldwide audiences as host of her own radio talk show-Let Go & Grow, teleseminars, and live events. She looks forward to sharing the magic with you and your groups, as she has for other clients, including:

  • Homeland Security – LAX & Long Beach, CA
  • Farmers Insurance Group
  • Independent Community Bankers of America
  • Hyatt Hotel – Palm Springs, CA
  • Celebrity Cruise Lines

Personality Feng Shui™ – create the personal and business relationships you desire with the help of Patt’s individual and group coaching sessions.

Environmental Feng Shui – Enjoy greater health, wealth and harmony in your space as a result of Patt’s consulting services. For more information about your environment visit:

Patt’s Philosophy for Success Coaching: CLICK HERE

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