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For almost two decades my passion for coaching career women, teaching them to create a successful career and happy life has lead me to launch the Feng Shui Coaching Program for Career Women. Teaching the keys to success based on: a supportive environment, a positive attitude, gratitude, and how to apply spiritual principles in your life and business is fun and rewarding for me.

Patt in RiverAs a career woman, interior designer, author and speaker for over 4 decades I teach the importance of having an environment that supports you, which includes where you live, work, and the people you interact with daily. If our environment is in order so is our life. One of the most important aspects of your environment is your connection with nature and through my extensive study on how nature impacts us you will understand how to surround yourself with natural elements for greater health, happiness, and career success!

Helping you understand your unique gifts using an ancient formula covered in my new book Feng Shui for Career Women: the Ultimate Women’s Guide to Advancing Your Career and Increasing Your Wealth has been well received by women just like you who are waking up to their authentic self! My program allows you to immediately connect with your abilities leading with your unique gifts. I look forward to helping you realize how important your voice is to making our world a better place. In doing this you inspire others. Helping you understand how best to share those gifts with the world is my joy and my gift.

F.S.ClassroomTable-7-goodMy teachings help you life a more satisfying, healthy and wealthy life.    My simple method on how to redirect your perspective and clearly focus your attention in order to attract more of what you desire will become a natural and daily practice for you with my keys to success teachings.

Your spiritual life is as important as your career.   After studying for over four decades how to be in the flow attracting a joy-filled life,  you are going to attract what you desire with ease!

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