Patt’s Most Requested Talks

Apply Your Feng Shui Personality Type to Advance Your Career:

By identifying and exploring your personality type, you will discover your compatibility with others, assist in creating effective teams in the workplace, and attract wealth and success into your life.

  • Be an influential leader
  • Increase profits
  • Maximize your team by drawing out their Strengths
  • Learn to create an environment for productivity

Feng Shui Design Principles to Increase Your Wealth

Using the Principles of the ancient Chinese “nature science” philosophy of Feng Shui, Patt will demonstrate how the energies within buildings and spaces can attract wealth and career advancement into your life. Patt’s background in Environmental and Interior Design help you understand how to create harmony and energy flow.  Learn how to utilize and implement these principles.

  • Balance & Proportions
  • Harmony & Rhythm
  • Color & Natural Elements


Feng Shui Your Thinking to Be A Dynamic Leader:

Clear the clutter from your mind, let go of limiting beliefs, increase your intuition and creativity. Attract wealth, respect, and positive support. Get the boost you need to stop procrastinating and enjoy a more passionate and fulfilling life. Step into your success. Be in the flow and accomplish more with ease.

  • Gain clarity
  • Be the leader you were born to be
  • Access your inner guidance
  • Release your fears
  • Live your life to the fullest



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