Feng Shui for Career Women: The Ultimate Women’s Guide for Advancing Your Career & Increasing Your Wealth

fengshuicoverFeng Shui for Career Women offers you the first step toward aligning your environment with the basic principles of Traditional Compass Feng Shui.

The Yin and Yang Theory helps you focus on those eight personality types to help you determine tendencies and compatibility with your work force, clients, associates, and friends and family.

Feng Shui for Career Women speaks to the 21st century woman who is focused on advancing her career and creating wealth.


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What People are Saying About Patt’s Book:

I never knew there was such a thing as Feng Shui personality types. I am an organization development consultant, and have done many different personality typing, one of my favorites, being Myers Briggs. Right now I am so fascinated by Feng Shui personality types – this book really helped me through a difficult time. I broke up with my boyfriend on XMAS day (after 11 years) – I have a better understanding of why based on our different personality types. It has helped me gain understanding without judging or feeling guilty. What a gift – how fortuitous that I met Patt at a Thanksgiving holiday party. I am also totally fascinated about her discussion of building feng shui – I feel very lucky that my townhome building fits with my personality. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to understand themselves and their relationships, as well as the energy flows where we live and work   Laura Harvell, Organization Development Consultant
This book is awesome! I have been aware of and used Feng Shui in my home and office for 20 years, but this book taught me so many things about Feng Shui I never knew. The author uses scores of diagrams to aid in understanding the details of personality types, working and personal relationships, as well as placement of furniture in the home and office. Her client’s success stories are amazing! I teach and speak about inspiring leadership and one of my topics is creating a more inspiring work environment. In addition to helping me personally, this book is one I will definitely recommend to my clients! Jani, Author, Speaker-Coach
Patt Sendejas’ book is just full of useful information, along with facts, on this ancient practice/art/science of Feng Shui, and shows how it operates in our personal and professional lives. To know that it can even type cast us by personality was a revelation to me. I now know why I am attracted to the career I chose, the people I have around me, and the colors I wear was also new to me. In understanding this, it has helped me understand others in this new light, and be more appreciative of them.
Floor plans for offices and homes are also given, along with suggestions for furniture placement and color schemes. Health and fortune to follow, I am promised.
This book was a great find and I am wondering if the author’s placement of it on Amazon was somehow more than fortuitous. Perhaps the Feng Shui masters, not just the author, had a hand in it. In any case, I am grateful for having discovered it and know that I will be using this book as a resource for years to come. -Antoinette
I highly recommend Patt’s new book, Feng Shui for Career Women! Her ideas and philosophies will empower you both in your career by making discoveries for paths to financial wealth and in your personal life by finding peace and fulfillment in your endeavors. She is professional, knowledgeable, motivating and very inspiring! Thank you Patt for sharing your wisdom with the world! It has been the greatest pleasure to have you as a personal friend for many years and watch your transformation from a highly regarded, creative and talented Interior Designer to an outstanding author and lecturer. Wishing you an abundance of good luck and continued success in all life’s journeys!
Joan Fields-Evans, Realtor, Keller-Williams Realty Westside
This book is full of ideas that you can implement immediately. Patt Sendejas has provided me with a Feng Shui report for my home for several years now and is sharing many of her ideas and strategies with you in this book. Each year I make the adjustments she suggests and have had some amazing successes as a result. Since I don’t have access to Patt every day her book helps me to understand what I’m doing with the information in my report and why it is important. Chapter 8 has been particularly helpful as I struggle with clutter in the areas of my house where I spend the most time. The help from that chapter alone made the book worth the read. I have been able to clear out so much stuff that was keeping me tied to my past and the lightness I feel now is incredible. I highly recommend this book for women who are looking to advance in their careers.
Valerie Hodgson, Contributing Author & Project Manager for one of the fastest growing companies in America in 2013, recently ranked #290 on the Inc. 500 list, and 6th on the Philadelphia 100 list for their second year running.
This was an interesting book. I looked at the information about relationships and verified that some of the challenging and easy relationships bore out what the author had to say about personality types. Feng Shui is a complicated science and this is a good overview of what to be aware of. I now have enough information to know that I need to hire an expert prior to purchasing a new home, where before I would never have thought of the Feng Shui of a home as a factor. I do believe in energy flows though, and I believe there are things about a place that affect your life. Great book with great information!  Dolly R.


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